what do you know about your skin?

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Everybody loves to be beautiful or handsome. But in this busy world it is not so simple to take care of our skin. So that lot of people will prefer to depend on beauticians. It will be very cost. But in my web site I would like to share some of my knowledge and experience with you to that “How to care your skin?”  before that I would like to share that “what do you know about your skin?” Skin care is not so easy but we can make it easy for you.  Let’s go for our skin tour.

what do you know about your skin?

The first thing is you have to take care your food habits. Food is the most important thing in skin care. We should take the proteins, vitamins, minerals food in our daily routine scheduled diet.  At the same time we must know how to use the cosmetics which we are using for skin care.  The cause of pollution our skin will be infected in that case we should not panic instead we think. We should follow the natural treatment methods.

Understanding of your skin types is crucial. Now let’s know about the skin types. There are two types of skin in the human body. That is outer skin and the second one is inner skin. The outer skin has been divided into different layers.

Cornified layer

Clear layer

Germinative layer

Granular layer

The skin cornified layer have the Keratin. It is a sticky thin layer which protects inner parts of the skin from water. In this cornified layer cells will be dead and reforms regularly.

In Granular layer skin cells won’t work.  In this layer small cells will we running up to cornified layer.

Germinative layer will be on the inner skin. This layer will form the new cells. These new cells will have the huge number of the melanosites with the wheat color. “Melanin” will decide the color of skin. In white color skin there will be less percentage of Melanin, In black color skin will be high. The people who have the less melanin will be suffering with Albinism disease. Melanin will protect the skin from ultra violet rays. When skin effected with the sun heat melanosites will produce high, this is called as tanning.

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