Well Start from the Womb that teaching Children to Eat Healthy

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Well Start from the Womb that teaching Children to Eat Healthy. Pregnant woman should take 80g of protein food per day. Many mothers struggle with getting their children to eat healthy green vegetables and the secret to this is to ensure that they eat well themselves, especially when they are pregnant.

Well Start from the Womb that teaching Children to Eat Healthy

The good way to inculcate healthy eating may well start from the womb, researchers said as the type of food a woman consumes during her pregnancy, has an impact on the taste the child develops later on in life.

In fact, some researchers now believe the 9 months of pregnancy are the most consequential period of our lives, permanently influencing the wiring of the brain and the function of organs like the heart, liver and pancreas. But recent research suggests another powerful influence on lifelong health: your mother’s nutritional status during (and even before) her pregnancy. They also suggest that the conditions we encounter in utero shape everything from our susceptibility to disease, to our appetite and metabolism, to our intelligence and temperament. If the mother’s nutritional status is poor during pregnancy, the fetus might develop metabolic adaptations that would allow it to store more calories.

What determines the mother’s nutritional status during pregnancy? Certainly, the obvious answer is her diet and lifestyle after she has conceived. But I hope it’s also obvious that the mother’s diet in the months and even years leading up to conception is also important. Even before a child eats their first mouthful of food, they are learning about flavor through the amniotic fluid in the womb, and later through their mother’s milk.  Eat a variety of healthy foods that you enjoy while pregnant and breastfeeding and once your child starts eating solid foods give those repeated opportunities to taste these foods so they can grow to learn to like its tastes.  Future mothers should be aware that pregnancy and lactation are not the time to overindulge on fatty, sugary treats on the misguided assumption they are ‘eating for two’.

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