Travel to Hanging temple, in China

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Travel to Hanging temple, in China. More than 1500 years ago Hanging temple was built onto a sheer precipice cliff. It is about 75 meter above the ground. It stands supported by hidden rocks corridor. For better support for the temple wooden beams are inserted into the mountain. The temple has over 40 halls, cabinets and pavilions. They are spread within an area of 152.5 square meters. All the halls, cabinets and pavilions are connected to each other by corridors, bridges and boardwalks. All of them are evenly distributed as well as balanced in height. More than 80 bronze cast statues interiors of the temple features. Iron cast statues, clay sculptured statues and stone carvings which were banded down from different dynasties are seen on the temple. The temple not only offer spectacular views from within and outside but also offer a sense or calming spirituality. 

Travel to Hanging temple, in China

Little bit inside of the story:

The Hanging Monastery is known as Hanging Temple. It offer visitors an extraordinary and rare piece of architecture. This amazingly beautiful temple is a feast for all the senses. It is bravely constructed in a steep canyon of the Heng Mountain in the beautiful province of Shanxi, China. As per the web the Hanging Monastery was build to keep away from the terrible flood that regularly griped the area. It also made use of the mountain as a great protection from rain, snow and even the harsh sun.

This temple is listed among the most important and must visit tourist attractions and historical sites in the Datong area of China. Its history dates back to more than 1,500 years but this temple is notable known even today for its location on a sheer precipice and also for its spectacular Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian elements.

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