Top 10 skin care tips to take care the skin

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In previous post I told you about the skin. No in this article I’m giving you important top 10 skin care tips to take care the skin. Just follow as it here:

Top 10 skin care tips to take care the skin

  1. We can reduce the pimple spots in our skin to avoiding to eating the sweets, oil foods mostly fried, alcohol, and bakery foods.
  2. Avoid outing in the sun time as much as possible. In this busy world it is not possible so try to protect from the sun using umbrellas, scarf, sun screen lotions ect..
  3. Early morning, when you get up from the bed just drink 2 glasses of water immediately. Normally 6 to 8 glasses of water per day is advisable.
  4. After brush, try to eat the fruits on seasonal basis and also the raw vegetables.
  5. Avoid the smokers. Smoking and staying with smokers also injurious to health and protecting the skin. If your husband smoking please do explain not to fight
  6. To remove the dead skin use the body brush. In mark we will get lot of models. But try to use the body brush which is not harming your smooth skin.
  7. To protect your foot skin, use the Pumic stone. It will remove the hard skin.
  8. We should use Mask which is suitable to our skin once in a week.
  9. Try to do the massage for your body or at least to face once in a month. After massage use the warm water for bath. It will reduce the fat of the body.
  10. Last but not least and most important thing is for beautiful skin, beautiful eyes you should sleep at least 8 hours sleep.

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