Top 10 Home Remedies to Main your Kitchen Clean and Healthy

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Top 10 Home Remedies to Main your Kitchen Clean and Healthy. So many times we may spend lot of time in the kitchen to cleaning and cutting and cooking.  But to save the time and energy we have to follow some remedies and tricks and ideas. Now on I’ll give you some kitchen ideas too in my posts… keep following it….

Top 10 Home Remedies to Main your Kitchen Clean and Healthy

  1. If you find high mud in rice, put the handful of salt in the water when you are cleaning rice and sock it for 10 minutes. So that mud will dissolve in the water and it will be cleaned.
  2. When you are cutting vegetables put the paper. So that, you can clean the floor easily after cutting the vegetables.  We can save the time and energy.
  3. Vegetables should be cleaned and cut, not to cut and cleaned
  4. Small creatures will come out if you put vegetables in the turmeric water
  5. Do not cut the vegetable in very small pieces which will loss the proteins
  6. Sometimes our hands will be sticky and separates the skin when we cutting the vegetables. That time you can take 5 drops of oil to your hand and massage it .
  7. To reduce bitter in bitter gourd, use the salt in the Bitter gourd pieces and smash it. But eating bitter is good to health.
  8. Sometimes we will forget the potatoes in the frieze. When we see it may be smooth. That time put them in ice water for 40 minutes, it may turned to the freshness.
  9. When vegetable become dry keep them in the water for 3 hours. They will be fresh again
  10. When cutting the brinjal and raw banana use the water with light mixing of curd. Or use the rice cleaned water. So that they won’t be turned into black

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