The first Indian Telugu Actress (Heroin) Surabhi Kamala Bai Rare Photos

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The first Indian Telugu Actress (Heroin) Surabhi Kamala Bai Rare Photos. She was born on 1913. She was the first Indian telugu heroin and stage artist. Indian cinema has to have a heroine, whether a script demands it or not. This is the ground rule for ages and in the earlier times it was even difficlt to get women to act on screen. Hence, the importance of Surabhi Kamala Bai who is credited as the first Telugu heroine of talkie era is noteworthy.

The first Indian Telugu Actress (Heroin) Surabhi Kamala Bai Rare Photos

As some say, Kamala Bai was destined to be under arc lights as her mother, who was a stage artist herself, went into labor pains while she was on stage and gave a dramatic birth to Kamala Bai. Though her original name was Kamala Bai, she became famous as “Surabhi” Kamala Bai for her association with Surabhi theater group.

In 1931, director HM Reddy intended to make a Talkie film in Telugu on the banner of Imperial Films with Ardeshir Irani as the Producer. He chose Kamala Bai from ‘Surabhi Drama Company’ as heroine in his film. Kamala Bai became the first heroine in the first Telugu talkie ‘Bhaktha Prahlada’. Kamala Bai donned the role of ‘Leelavathi’ in the film. “Bhaktha Prahlada” was a stupendous success and Kamala Bai settled as leading actress in Telugu film industry.

Kamala Bai acted in the lead roles in her next films ‘Shakunthala and Paduka Pattabhishekam’ in 1932. These films were directed by Sarvottham Badami and produced by Chunni Bai Desai on ‘Sagar Films’ banner. Kamala Bai co-starred with Addanki Sri Rama Murthy in the film ‘Paduka Pattabhishekam’ and co-starred with Yadavalli Surya Narayana in the film ‘Shakunthala’. Though these movies were well received they could not make much money like “Bhaktha Prahlada”.

Surabhi Kamala Bai acted in nearly 140 films. She could sing songs and poems on her own in the films. She had good voice, good body language and body structure which are great assets to an actress. In the latter part of her career, Kamala Bai mostly played side roles in some movies like ”Keelu Gurram(1949), Mallishwari(1951). Pathala Bhairavi (1951) as Thota Ramudu’s mother role, Devadas (1953) as Parvathi’s grand mother, Jayabheri(1958), Shabash Ramudu (1959) , Raja Makutam (19549)and Velugu Needalu (1961).

Surabhi Kamala Bai, who regaled the audience with her performances and created a benchmark for acting when the Film Industry was taking its wings. She took her last breath in 1971.

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