Telugu Film Producers Council embroiled in controversy for Elections

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HYDERABAD: Telugu Film Producers Council embroiled in controversy for Elections. The elections which was supposed to take place on Sunday have been postponed. The elections were postponed following a local court intervening in the matter. Film producer T Prasanna Kumar had approached the court with a complaint as his nomination to contest the polls was rejected by the council. The court will hear the dispute this week and only after the issue is cleared, the stay will be lifted paving way for the elections to be held.

Telugu Film Producers Council embroiled in controversy for Elections

The elections were to be held for the period 2013-15. This year, the elections gained significance as two Telangana film producers were directly in the race for the president’s post.

With the Telugu film industry practically divided between big film producers and small film producers, the elections are fought keenly. Time and again, small budget film producers have complained against big-budget film producers on various counts. The latest grudge their nurse against them is influencing the state government to increase the admission rates in theatres.

The small producers had expressed their opinion against such a move as they felt the audience would dwindle at the theatres if the ticket prices were hiked. Brushing aside their objections, big film producers approached the government to increase the ticket rates. The interest they had in mind while asking for an increase in ticket rates was that they would get more revenue when they released their big-budget films as they would invariably have good openings.

Another grouse against small producers is some of the big budget film producers have their control over most theatres as they have taken them on lease. So, if a small film producer has to release his film, he is at the mercy of the big producers.

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