Sandalwood or chandan is a home remedy for glowing skin

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Sandalwood or chandan is a home remedy for glowing skin. Chandan or sandalwood powder is a one-stop solution for most skin problems, possessing exceptional healing properties. It helps provide a soothing effect in summers.

Sandalwood or chandan is a home remedy for glowing skin

You could use chandan powder or chandan sticks to make face packs for glowing skin.

Here are a few home remedies with chandan you could use:

Chandan and milk face pack for radiant skin 

If you want to get rid of the dullness on your face, simply apply a mixture of chandan and raw milk. Leave this for 20 minutes and wash well with water. You will find your skin looking healthier with a glow. It is also suitable for people with dry skin.

Chandan and almond face pack for clear-looking skin 

If you want to relive your skin from marks,  chandan can come in handy.  Mix some chandan with finely powdered almonds (badam) and add raw milk to the mixture. This pack can be applied daily on the face, arms and legs.

Chandan and turmeric face pack for pimple-free skin 

India.comChandan is also a natural astringent which reduces pimples, acne, at the earliest. Simply mix chandan, turmeric or haldi with some water and make a thick paste. Apply this on your face and neck till it completely dries up and then wash it with water and pat dry your skin. This pack not only has a soothing effect on your skin but also helps in getting rid of pimples. It is best-suited for oily skin.

Chandan face mask for flawless and smooth skin 

Chandan as an ingredient is antiseptic and anti inflammatory in nature. Hence, this  face mask is ideal to cleanse your skin from the dirt accumulated over time. You need to mix together some rose oil, chandan, turmeric, malai, honey and besan. Apply it on your face and neck and leave it to dry. Peel this mask off your face in sometime and wash thoroughly. This will make your skin soft. Apply this only once a week. A face scrub with chandan also helps get rid of dead skin cells.

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