Samsung to remove extra apps from TouchWiz

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Samsung to remove extra apps from TouchWiz. It looks like Samsung is in the process of slimming down its TouchWiz smartphone software and optimising it for its upcoming flagship smartphone, Galaxy S6.
Samsung to remove extra apps from TouchWizSamsung is removing all add-on features that can be downloaded as apps and making the system software as light as possible according to a report by SamMobile.

While it’s not clear what features and apps will be removed, it’s possible that apps such as Story Album, S Translator, or S Voice assistant will be made optional downloads, as speculated by the website.

Samsung’s TouchWiz software has received brickbats from users and reviewers alike for its bloatware and lag ridden user interface.

The removal of additional apps and optimization of the code are expected to make Samsung’s upcoming phone faster by eliminating lag and stutter, and give users more storage space for their own content.

Earlier, a report by Business Korea had also suggested that Samsung was getting rid of unnecessary features and simplifying the UI of its system software, making it as fast and smooth as stock Android on Google’s Nexus 6.

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