Rare Photos of 16th century Vizianagaram palace – ANDHRA PRADESH, India

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Rare Photos of 16th century Vizianagaram palace – ANDHRA PRADESH, India .

Rare Photos of 16th century Vizianagaram palace - ANDHRA PRADESH, India

SHORT HISTORY: founded by Pusapati Rachiraju in the late 16th century.
Pusapati Raja MADHAVA VARMA, 1st Zamindar of Viziagaram 1652/1685
Pusapati Pedda VIJAYARAMA I GAJAPATHI Raju, 7th Zamindar of Vizianagram 1740/1757, he moved his capital from Potnur to Vizianagram, calling it after himself, later built a fort there and gradually extended his dominion, with the help of the French under Bussy, he seized Bobbili, killing its chief.
Pusapati ANANDA II GAJAPATHI Raju, 8th Zamindar of Vizianagram 1757/1759, he captured the French held Vizagapatam, making it over to the English in 1758, deposed and exiled in 1759.
Pusapati Chinna VIJAYARAMA II Raju, 9th Zamindar of Vizianagram 1759/1794, deemed incapable of ruling his estate, which was sequestered and he was forced to reside at Masulipatam on a fixed allowance.
Raja Pusapati NARAYANA BABU GAJAPATHI Raju, 10th Zamindar of Vizianagram 1794/1845, a minor at his accession, his affairs were controlled by the English for nearly a quarter of a century.
Maharaja Mirza Pusapati Sir VIJAYARAMA III GAJAPATHI Raju Bahadur, 11th Zamindar of Vizianagram 1845/1879, born 1826, the zamindari was under control of the English until 1852, Member of the Viceroy’s Council, granted the title of Maharaja as a personal distinction on 11th March 1864, K.C.S.I., entitled to a personal salute of 13 guns; married Maharani Alaka Rajeswari Lalithakumari Devi, died 1901
Maharaja Sahib Pusapati Sir ALAKA NARAYANA GAJAPATI Raju Manea Sultan Bahadur, 14th Zamindar of Vizianagram 1922/1937, born 1902, installed 22nd September 1922; married 1stly, a daughter of Raja Suraj Baksh Singh of Kasmanda, married 2ndly, Maharani Vidya Wati Devi, a daughter of Raja Bijay Sen of Keonthal, and had issue. He died 25th October 1937
Maharaja Sahib Pusapati DR. VIJAYARAMA V GAJAPATHI Raju Manea Sultan Bahadur, 15th and last Zamindar of Vizianagram 1945/1995, born 1st May 1924 at Phool Baugh Palace, Vizianagram. He purchased the Korukonda Palace and the 1000 acres of land surrounding it, from his uncle for Rs.5.5 lakh and donated it to the Central Government for establishment of the Sainik School. He founded the “Maharaja Alak Narayan Society of Arts and Science” (MANSAS) in 1958, in memory of his father, for the promotion of education. He donated almost all his properties to the trust. He had also donated liberally to Andhra University of which he served as Pro-Chancellor for some years.

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