How to remove makeup naturally

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Here are few tips on how to remove makeup naturally.

How to remove makeup naturally

Pop colors can brighten up your face, but to improve your skin ensure that you clean it with mild face wash once you get back home from your outings.

Makeover expert Aashmeen Munjaal shares how to go gentle on skin after exposing it to a heavy dose of make-up:

  • Wash your face with mild face wash according to skin type. Clean your skin properly because the new kinds of make-up like high definition and air brush have granules which go deep in the pores.
  • To remove the eye make-up, always use a remover with less number of chemicals. To prevent patchy and dark skin under your eye, apply aloe vera gel and massage it with ring finger in clockwise or anti-clockwise manner. To get a refreshing feeling you can put green tea ice bags.
  • While cleanser removes make-up and dirt, you then need to use a toner to close the pores.
  • Women have started using lipsticks that last for about nine to twelve hours. Use wet tissues to remove the lip color. After removing the make-up, massage them in uplifting manner then apply a coat of glycerin to make your lips soft.

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