Home remedy to treat constipation with lemon juice

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Home remedy to treat constipation with lemon juice. Constipation is no laughing matter, if left untreated constipation may lead to severe health complications.

Home remedy to treat constipation with lemon juice

Commonly caused due to unhealthy eating habits and side-effects of meditations, this condition can be effectively treated by drinking a glass of lemon juice.

Packed with a wide range of nutrients, lemon juice (nimbu paani) is known to be an effective, simple and quick remedy to get rid of constipation naturally.

How lemon juice helps in relieving constipation

Lemons are loaded with high amounts of vitamin C, which works on the digestive system and helps in the smooth passage of stool, and water acts as a natural lubricant which softens stool, promoting easy evacuation.

In addition to acting as a powerful antidote for constipation, lemon juice is commonly used as a natural aid to detoxify the body.

How to use it

Squeeze a half of lemon juice in a glass of warm water. Also add a pinch of salt, mix and drink this solution early in the morning. Lemon juice not only cleanses the intestine but also helps in quick and smooth passage of the stools, thereby relieving constipation.

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