Great Poet AK Ramanujan Rare Photos

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Great Poet AK Ramanujan Rare Photos. Attipat Krishnaswami Ramanujan was born on March 16, 1929, Mysore. His father, Attipat Asuri Krishnaswami, a professor of mathematics at Mysore University and an astronomer, had a study crammed with books in English, Kannada and Sanskrit. His mother was a housewife. He also has a brother, a writer and great mathematician AK Srinivasan. He was an Indian playwright, folklorist, philologist, translator, and poet author who wrote in both English and Kannada. Ramanujan’s work shows that cultural tradition in India is a conflict between the colonial English identity of the country as well as its historic and post-colonial ethnic identities.

Great Poet AK Ramanujan Rare Photos

As a poet, he is known for his avant-garde approach and atavistic poetic arguments. His unusual vision of moral expectations and human excellence includes impulses or handicaps rather than innate genius. Themes encompass hybridity, transnationalism and transculturation.

His foremost contribution to South Asian Studies consists of his theory of Indian way of thinking as “context-sensitive” as opposed to Anglo-American “context-free” way. He explains this different kind of rationale by the different tradition in India.  As appropriateness in India is defined by a multitude of factors such as identity and personhood, birth, occupation, life stage, karma, dharma, etc, according to him, context sensitive approach is what Indian complex set of standards demands.

In 1976, the government of India awarded him the honorific title “Padma Sri,” and in 1983, he was given the MacArthur Prize Fellowship. In recognition of the excellence of his translations, the South Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies has established the A.K. Ramanujan Book Prize for Translation. He won posthumously (1999) Sahitya Akademi award for The Collected Poems of A. K. Ramanujan.

The following are his Major works: 

Sociolinguistic Variation and Language Change (with W. Bright), 1964

The Striders, 1966

Interior Landscapes: Love Poems from a Classical Tamil Anthology, 1967

Hokkulalli Huvilla, 1969

Relations, 1971

The Interior Landscape: Love Poems form a Classical Tamil Anthology, 1967

Speaking of Siva, 1973

The Literatures of India, 1974

Selected Poems, 1976

Samskara, 1976

Mattu Itara Padyagalu and Other Poems, 1977

Hymns for the Drowning, 1981

The Epic of Palnadu: A Study of Translation of Palnati Vinula Katha, a Telugu Oral Tradition from Andhra Pradesh, India, 1982

The Indian Oedipus, 1983

Poems of Love and War, 1985

On Folk Puranas, 1985

Second Sight, 1986

Two Realms of Kannada Folklore, 1986

Introduction In Indian Folktales1987

The Relevance of South Asian Folklore, 1987

Where Mirrors are Windows: Toward an anthology of reflections, 1989

Classics Lost and Found, 1989

Is There an Indian Way of Thinking?, 1990

Folktales from India, Oral Tales from Twenty Indian Languages, 1991

Three hundred Ramayanas, 1991

Folktales from India, Oral Tales from Twenty Indian Languages, 1991

Toward a Counter-System: Women’s Tales, 1991

A story in search of an audience, 1992

On Folk Mythologies and Folk Puranas, 1993

Some Thoughts on ‘Non-Western’ Classics, with Indian Examples, 1994

The Collected Poems of A. K. Ramanujan, 1995

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