Google updates Chrome for iOS ahead of Android

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Google updates Chrome for iOS ahead of Android. AS MILLIONS of eager iPhone users battled to download iOS 7, Google announced that the Chrome 30 version for iOS was available just 30 minutes after iOS 7 became available.

Google updates Chrome for iOS ahead of Android

As well as improvements to the full-screen experience for iPad users, the new Chrome design includes tighter integration with Google apps, similar to that seen in Android phones, allowing users to open searches for locations in Google Maps or searches for videos in Youtube. Voice Searching also received a boost with the addition of pronoun recognition, allowing searches such as “Who was the winner of Wimbledon 2013 AND where does he get his racquets?”

Finally, the ability to ‘snap back’ to search results using the back button makes searching significantly faster. With the battle of the voice recognition suites heating up, it’s surprising that Google remains committed to adding more of its Google Now functionality to iOS. While the approach of Google Now compared to that of Siri is based far more around searching, there is a clear coming together of the two concepts.

That Google allows Apple users to experience the best of both worlds suggests that the residents of Mountain View either don’t see their biggest rival as a threat, or that they think that there is room in iOS for both systems to co-exist. In fact, once again this latest incarnation of the Chrome web browser has been released for iOS first, with versions for desktop and Android imminent but not yet available

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