Full story of Actor Jackie chan along with Childhood Photos

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Full story of Actor Jackie chan along with Childhood Photos. Chan was born on 7 April 1954, in British Hong Kong, as Chan Kong-sang, to Charles and Lee-Lee Chan, refugees from the Chinese Civil War. He was nicknamed Pao-pao (literally meaning “Cannonball”) because the high-energy child was always rolling around. Since his parents worked for the French ambassador in Hong Kong, Chan spent his formative years within the grounds of the consul’s residence in the Victoria Peak district.

Full story of Actor Jackie chan along with Childhood Photos

Chan attended the Nah-Hwa Primary School on Hong Kong Island, where he failed his first year, after which his parents withdrew him from the school. In 1960, his father immigrated to Canberra, Australia, to work as the head cook for the American embassy, and Chan was sent to the China Drama Academy, a Peking Opera School run by Master Yu Jim-yuen. Chan trained rigorously for the next decade, excelling in martial arts and acrobatics. He eventually became part of the Seven Little Fortunes, a performance group made up of the school’s best students, gaining the stage name Yuen Lo in homage to his master. Chan became close friends with fellow group members Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, the three of them later to be known as the Three Brothers or Three Dragons. After entering the film industry, Chan along with Sammo Hung got the opportunity to train in Hapkido under the grand master Jim Pal Kim, and Chan eventually attained a black belt.

He began his career by appearing in small roles at the age of five. At the age of eight, he appeared with some of his fellow “Little Fortunes”, in the film Big and Little Wong Tin Bar (1962), with Li Li Hua playing his mother. Chan appeared with Li again the following year, in The Love Eterne (1963) and had a small role in King Hu’s 1966 film, Come Drink with Me. In 1971, after an appearance as an extra in another Kung Fu film, A Touch of Zen, Chan began his adult career in the film industry, initially signing to Chu Mu’s Great Earth Film Company. At the age of seventeen, he worked as a stuntman in the Bruce Lee films Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon under the stage name Chan Yuen Lung (He received his first starring role later that year, in Little Tiger of Canton, which had a limited release in Hong Kong in 1973. Due to the commercial failures of his early ventures into films and trouble finding stunt work, in 1975 Chan starred in a comedic adult film, All in the Family, which features Jackie Chan’s first nude sex scene filmed. It is also the only film he has made to date that did not feature a single fight scene or stunt sequence. Jackie Chan also appeared in a sex scene in the film The Shinjuku Incident, which was the only other nude scene that he ever filmed.

Chan joined his parents in Canberra in 1976, where he briefly attended Dickson College and worked as a construction worker. A fellow builder named Jack took Chan under his wing, earning Chan the nickname of “Little Jack” which was later shortened to “Jackie” and the name Jackie Chan has stuck with him ever since. In addition, in the late 1990s, Chan changed his Chinese name to Fong Si-lung (since his father’s original surname was Fong.

When he was 9 and 16 years of age, he lived in Thailand for a short period of time. During that time, he learned boxing from a former professional boxer who had a broken leg. In 1982, Jackie Chan married Lin Feng-jiao (aka Joan Lin), a Taiwanese actress. That same year, the two had a son, singer and actor Jaycee Chan. Elaine Ng Yi-Lei had a daughter, Etta, in 1999, and claimed Chan was the father; Chan admitted the affair, but did not formally acknowledge her as his daughter. In 2009, Chan received an honorary doctorate from the University of Cambodia. Chan is a Buddhist. He speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, American Sign Language, and English, and also speaks some German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and Thai. Chan is an avid football fan and supports the Hong Kong national football team, England National Football Team, and Manchester City.

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