Excellent Home Remedies for Glowing Hair

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Excellent Home Remedies for Glowing Hair. Hair is most important thing in women beauty. They always give the high priority to their beauty. In India ladies always prefer to care the hair.  In this busy world we do not have that much time to take care each and everything. So, lots of people prefer the short cut forms. But I do not encourage those things. Because there is some traditional things we should keep it as moral ethics. We should take care each and everything.  Let me give you some tips to take care our hair and can say for the glowing tips.

Excellent Home Remedies for Glowing Hair

Keep the hair clean. Take the head bath twice in a week.

Use the Reetha instead of shampoos

Use the warm water for head bath

Use the sambrani for hair to get perfumed smell

Let the hair dry properly after head bath

Use the pure coconut oil for hair massage

Do not use the others comb

Use the big teeth of the comb to hair first after that small ones for styles. So that we can reduce the hair falling

Heat the coconut oil put the lemon juice on it. Massage your hair with this mix keep it for 45 minutes and do the head bath. It will stop the splinting your hair edges

Soak the methi seeds in cup of butter milk In one night. Paste those seeds and apply to the hair. Repeat it for 3 weeks. So, that your hair will not be hard.

Apply the cabbage juice to the hair and keep it for 45 minutes. Take the head bath that wash it clearly. Ir will keep your hair grow.

Keep the curry leaves and tulasi leave in lemon juice. Apply this mix to hair and keep it for 45 minutes. After that wash your hair with warm water. It will reduce the dandruff.

So, always keep your hair in good condition so that it will give more beauty to you.

So, what do you think? Is it not so easy? Let’s try it….

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