Eat pomegranate to relieve urinary tract infections naturally

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Eat pomegranate to relieve urinary tract infections naturally. Urinary tract infection (UTIs) is a bacterial infection that usually affect the tube that brings urine from the bladder, this can then worsen and the infection soon reaches the bladder.

Eat pomegranate to relieve urinary tract infections naturally

Known to causes pain, a burning sensation, fever and in some cases even blood in the urine, UTIs often requires clinical attention to prevent complications. But often, the advice you will get from doctors is to drink a lot of fluids to help flush out the bacteria.

One such fluid is pomegranate juice; packed with antioxidants,  pomegranate juice is known to be quite effective in easing the symptoms of a UTI.

Why pomegranate is good against UTIs?

Pomegranate (anaar) is rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants, which play a key role in preventing bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary bladder.

Vitamin C boosts the immune system and helps it fight against bacterial infections and helps in quick recovery from a UTI. The antioxidants present in this fruit also helps flush out harmful, infection-causing toxins from the body, thereby relieving the symptoms of UTI.

How to use it?

Eat a bowl of pomegranate on a daily basis (including at night, after dinner) to ease the symptoms of UTI. You can also drink pomegrante juice regularly, for effective relief.

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