Doomsday is on 16 March 2880?

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Doomsday is on 16 March 2880? NASA scientists, the risk of collision is 0.3 per cent, but it is more than 50 percent of all other rates and the risk of asteroid should be taken seriously, he said.

Doomsday is on 16 March 2880

The impact, if you happen to Earth’s ecosystem will take a major blow to the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, and what happened that caused a collision andıracağı said.

Asteroid, discovered in February 1950, and 17 days observing disappeared. Again in 2000 for 50 years, astronomers have managed to find traces of asteroid uncommon.

Scientists, for sure in the future if it is determined to impinge on the Earth and the route of the asteroid needs to be replaced, even if a few centuries ago dokunulmasının asteroid collision to stop gently enough to send a rocket, he said.

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