Beauty benefits of all-purpose rose water

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Beauty benefits of all-purpose rose water. Rosewater is a boon to your face, hair, body, mind and soul.

Beauty benefits of all-purpose rose water

Rosewater has always found a place in every household. This natural by-product of rose oil that is used in perfumes, is full of healing powers. Read on…

– Rosewater is a natural toner. Pour two to three drops of rosewater on a cotton ball and wipe it thoroughly on the face and neck to remove dirt and grit. Follow this routine every morning and night for a natural glow, and refreshing and soothing effect.

Beauty benefits of all-purpose rose water

– Due to its refreshing fragrance, you can put a few drops of rosewater into the bathing water for glowing skin. This can relax and sooth your body and mind.

– For skin irritation caused by acne, pimples, redness and breakouts, wash your face with rosewater.

– Rosewater comes with natural conditioning and moisturising properties, making it a part of your hair care routine. Add a few drops of rosewater with your shampoo. It will also give a long-lasting fragrance to your hair.

– It also aids hair growth. After shampooing, pour half a cup of rosewater on the wet hair and gently massage your scalp for a few minutes.

– Mix rosewater with glycerin or fenugreek powder and apply it on the scalp to prevent dandruff.

– Its therapeutic properties can help combat inflammations on the scalp.

– Being a by-product of rose oil, it is as an alternative to normal hair oil.
Beauty benefits of all-purpose rose water
– Mildly soak cotton swabs in rosewater and place it over your eyes for a soothing, cooling and relaxing effect.

– Get instant relief from burning, red or inflammatory eyes by pouring two to three drops of rosewater in each eye and closing it for a few minutes. You can also cleanse your eyes every night to wade off any eye infection. Rosewater is also one of the ingredients used in Ayurvedic medicine.

– Banish those dark circles by smearing rosewater under the eyes.

– To treat those tired and droopy eyes, mix sandalwood with rosewater, apply on the eye lids and wash it off with cold water after 15 minutes.

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