Ancient Temple at Vrindavan – c1870’s

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Ancient Temple at Vrindavan – c1870’s. Ancient Temple at Vrindavan – c1870’s, Jaipur, India, Shri Govind Dev Temple was built in 1590 AD by Raja Man Singh of Jaipur, a general in Akbar’s Army. The temple is a perfect exhibit of medieval India’s architectural excellence.

Ancient Temple at Vrindavan - c1870's

Built in the form of a Greek cross, the temple was originally seven-storey high, a huge portion of which was destroyed during Aurangzeb’s rule.

Govind Dev (Govindaji) Temple was once a magnificent seven strayed structure built in the form of a Greek cross. It is said that the Emperor Akbar donated some of the red sandstone that had been brought for the Red Fort at Agra, for the construction of this temple. Built at the astronomical cost of one corer rupees in 1590 by his general Raja Man Singh, the temple combines western, Hindu and Muslim architectural elements in its structure. It was destroyed by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb.

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