An Indian film Actress Kommareddy Savitri Childhood Photos

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An Indian film Actress Kommareddy Savitri Childhood Photos. Savitri Gemini Ganesan was born on 6th December 1937 in Chirravur a small town near Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh., India. She was the only daughter of Nissankaram – Subhadram couple. She lost her father when she was six years old. She studied till 3rd form (VIII standard) in Kasthuri Bai Memorial School, Vijayawada with her uncle’s support. She learnt dance and music from Sista Purnayya Sastri during her school days. She discontinued her studies and worked in a theatre company run by Nandamni Taraka Rao. She gave stage performances as a child in Vijayawada. She also acted in a play at Mavanchana by Buchi Babu. Later she started her own troupe called Nava Bharata Natya Mandali. She married actor late Shri Gemini Ganesan in 1956.

An Indian film Actress Kommareddy Savitri Childhood Photos

He married her as his third wife. She has two children, daughter Vijaya Chamundeswari and a son Sathishkumar. She got an offer in the Telugu film Agni Pariksha when she was 12 years old. She merely missed the chance because she looked too young to play the role in that particular film. She did a small role with Actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao in the Telugu film Samsaram through Producer L.V.Prasad. Her inborn talents were recognized through this film. Soon she caught her chances to act in her subsequent Telugu films Sankranthi, Pallethru, etc. She performed a dance number in the legendary film Pathala Bhairavi in 1951.

Her big break came through Pelli Chesi Choodu in 1958 in which she played her first lead role. She established her acting credentials in film Ardhangi. She acted along with Akkineni Nageswara Rao in Devadas, which gave her an unreachable star image. Her versatile acting won her the Title Mahanati (Great Actress) in Tollywood film Industry. She made her Tamil film entry through Devadas with actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao.

But it was the film Missiamma with actor Gemini Ganesan which took her to great heights. She established her Tamil film career through hit films Kalathur Kannama, Karpagam, Karnan, Yaar Paiyyan, Vananga Mudi, Amara Deepam, etc. She acted with the great thespian actor Nadigar Thilakam Shivaji Ganesan in films Thiruvillaiyadal, Paasamalar, Navarathri, Kai Kodutha Deivam, Padithal Mattum Poduma, etc. 

Just to Know:


Savithri’s mother’s name was Allada Subhadramma.  She was from the village of Chirravooru in the Guntur District.  Her father’s name was Nissankara Gurvayya.  He was from the village of Chinthalapudi in Guntur District.  When Guruvayya passed away when Savithri was only six months old, her uncle played a large role in her life grooming Savithri to be successful as an actress.

Aunts & Uncle

After her husband passed away, Subhadramma went to live with her elder sister Annapoornamma who lived in Chirravooru.  Subhadramma’s father Rattayya was employed in the military and lived with his wife Rattamma, in Northern India. At the invitation of her other elder sister, Durgamba, Subhadramma moved to Vijayawada with both her daughters.  Kommareddy Venkat Ramayya Chowdhury was Durgamba’s husband’s name.  He was a chauffeur.  Savithri spent most of her childhood with her sister and mother at Chowdhury’s residence.  He sent both sisters to school, had Savithri trained as a dancer, made sure she was with drama troupes staging plays, and helped her find her way into the film industry.


Savithri has only one sibling, a sister, who was one year older than her.  Her name was Maruthi.  See the picture below.


Savithri was married to the Tamil actor Gemini Ganesan in 1952 when she was only 16 years old.  She was acting in a movie called “Manampol Mangalyam” with Gemini during that time.  A romance developed between the two that eventually led to their wedding. Savithri kept the news about her marriage a secret, as Gemini was already married twice and had family and children.  She was afraid that her mother and uncle would not approve.  She also didn’t want to ruin her chances of stardom by giving gossip columnists an excuse to write rumors that might distract movie makers. The secret was out through a newspaper advertisement for Lux Toilet Soap that was signed Savithri Ganesh.


Savithri had two children, a daughter, Vijaya Chamundeshwari and a son, Sathish Kumaar.

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