649 CE Historical Temple of Somnath Jyothirlinga, Gujarath, Indian

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649 CE Historical Temple of Somnath Jyothirlinga, Gujarath, Indian. Somnath Temple has a legend behind its establishment. It is believed that Lord Chandra (Moon God) was very proud of his beauty. Due to this reason, he was cursed by his father-in-law Daksha, to get smaller. In order to get rid of this curse, Moon God prayed to Lord Shiva at Prabhas. Lord Shiva became happy with the penance of the Moon and reduced the curse to an extent. This incident led to the periodic waning of moon.

649 CE Historical Temple of Somnath Jyothirlinga, Gujarath, Indian

Somnath Temple is a significant temple, comprising one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. Located in Prabhas Kshetra near Veraval, Somnath Mandir falls in Saurashtra region that lies on the western coast of Gujarat. It is a pilgrimage centre held in great reverence throughout India. Situated 79 kilometres from Junagadh and 25 kilometres from Chorwad, the legendary shore temple of Somnath is one of the twelve most sacred Shiva shrines in India. According to the legend, Somnath is as old as creation, built by none other than the Moon God himself.

It is believed that he had built this temple with gold. Later it was built by Ravana in silver, then Lord Krishna in wood and Bhima in stone. Legend has it that the Kalabhairava shivalinga at Prabhasa was worshipped by the moon and hence, the Lord is called as Somnatha. The Somnath temple also houses the remains of the ancient Sun temple.

Towards the east of the town is the Bhalka Teertha. This is where, Lord Krishna is believed to have been injured by a tribal arrow. Somnath was destroyed and rebuilt several times. Mehmud of Gazni having heard of its fabulous treasure, raided it in 1026 and carried away camel loads of jewels and gold. Lunch is available here in the simple dining hall in the temple compound, north of the main gate. One cannot get the cameras inside.

The temple is located by the beautiful blue waters of the Arabian Sea. The Somnath beach is a fascinating sight. The fresh blue waters, humming waves and the cool sands, gives you a feeling of having landed in a paradise. Nearby is the Prabhas Patan Museum, which houses the 11th century version of the Somnath temple with 5 domes and many pillars.

Somath is located at a distance of 47 KMs from Keshod, an airport connected with Mumbai, and is about 5 KMs from Veraval Railway Station.

How do you feel about my article… I also have some collection of Somnath temple photos (Around 1869’s), see below gallery:

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