17th Century Temple of Someshwara, Magadi, Karnataka

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17th Century Temple of Someshwara, Magadi, Karnataka.


The Someshwara temple, located on the main road outside the town towards Kunigal, is said to have been built by Mummadi Kempavira Gowda around 1712 AD. The temple sprawls an area of around 25000 sq ft and has a spacious inner Prakara (courtyard) with lofty lowers and several fine mantapas (sheltered structures with an attractively designed arch). These mantapas are now in ruins due to neglect and lack of maintenance.

The place name has been referred as Magudi in a record dated 1524 from the same place. There is a tradition that Magadi was founded by a Chola king. It is  also described as associated with Sage Mandavya. Under Achuta Raya one Samanta Raya is said to have been appointed to manage the district and he is also

said to have fortified the tall hill of Savandurga, in return for which that part of the country was granted to him as a Jahgir.

There are beautiful sculptures of figures of humans, birds, animals, etc. decorating the pillars of the temple, which is built in the Hoysala style of architecture and the pillars have the typical symbols of lions, soldiers and dancing girls on them. To the left of the main temple is a small temple dedicated to Parvathi, which has small towers at the four corners of the enclosure and a large pond at some distance in the front.

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Nearby temples in about 30 kms radial distance.

Note : The actual road distance might vary please enquire locally. The temples are listed from South to North Direction.

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2. Tirumale – Sri.Ranganatha

3. Kalya – Gundina Basavanna

4. Kunigal – Sri.Lakshmi Narasimha

5. Kunigal – Sri.Someshwara

6. Kunigal – Sri.Padmeshwara

7. Gangenahalli – Sri.Eshwara


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