100 Years Old Kolkata, India Rare Photos

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100 Years Old Kolkata, India Rare Photos.

100 Years Old Kolkata, India Rare Photos

History of the City:

The expansion plans of the British Raj, Calcutta was established in the 1686.  The city kept progressing until 1756, when Siraj-Ud-Daula (Nawab of Bengal) attacked and succeeded in driving the British away from the town. It was during that time that most of the British civilians had escaped, but a few of them were captured and imprisoned in a suffocating room. This incident has given the name ‘Black hole tragedy’. In 1757, the following year, Battle of Plassey took place, in which Robert Clive took over the city by defeating the Nawab. Supreme Court in 1774, making Calcutta as the base of justice. The period between 1820 and 1930 saw the growing of seeds of nationalism that reached its height in 1905, when people stood against Lord Curzon’s plan regarding the partition of Bengal. Rabindranath Tagore led the nationalist anti partition movements. The Partition was repealed in 1911, followed by the shifting of capital of India from Calcutta to New Delhi. In 2001, Calcutta was officially renamed Kolkata.

Famous places of worship in Kolkata:

There are lots of pilgrimage destinations in Calcutta consisting of various temples, churches etc. These religious spots will energize you and take you into a new world that will completely relax your mind, body and soul. Those names are,

Kalighat Kali Temple, Dakshineshwar Temple, Magen David Synagogue, Saint Johns Church, Saint Pauls Cathedral, Nakhoda Mosque, Belur Math, Pareshnath Jain Temple, Other pilgrimage destinations include Parasnath Jain Temple, fire temple & Armenian Church.

Popular places to visit in Calcutta

Tourism in Kolkata is not so good now- a-days. There are lots of places to see in Kolkata. There is a plethora of sightseeing places in Kolkata. Popular places to visit in Calcutta are, Fort William , Victoria Memorial, Eden Gardens (Stadium), Birla Planetarium, Howrah Bridge, Marble Palace, Writer’s Building, Nicco Park, Saheed Minar, National Library, Belur Math, Botanical Gardens.

How do you feel about my article… I also have some collection of Kolkata 100yrs back photos, see below rare gallery:

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